Keith Palmer (krpalmer) wrote,
Keith Palmer

A Class Act of Self-Promotion (not my own...)

I screwed up my courage and dared to experience the Joel Hodgson interview on the official Star Wars site... and in the end, I was relieved in an odd way by how little the interview touched on Star Wars itself, being much more about Joel's background and his new project. It seems that the connection between Cinematic Titanic and Industrial Light & Magic amounts to Lucasfilm having a sort of "amateur riffing" group called "Flecks." I can imagine that in their meeting, somebody might say to the "Flecks" "No doubt you've wished you could look at some of your own work this way"... and I suppose I'd let them get away with that.

Joel does comment about Lucasfilm being an "import from outside Hollywood," and briefly discusses his first encounters with Star Wars at the very end, but in some ways the most interesting quote of the interview for me was:

Getting back to your original question about the way I view movies, yeah, as time went on I began to have affection for all these weird movies we were working with. I don't have the attitude like, "bad movies suck and I'm going to put my eyes out with a pen because I curse you, bad movie!" I like all movies, good and bad. The good ones I call great, and the bad ones I call horribly great.

For me, that's a healthy attitude to have.

(In other "riffing" news, I noticed that the next "Rifftrax" is going to be for Transformers... and I did contemplate how my brother had been very offended by that movie. I'm still not sure I'm going to investigate even that one, though.)
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