Keith Palmer (krpalmer) wrote,
Keith Palmer

MST3K 404: Teenagers From Outer Space

"Teenagers From Outer Space" is one of those titles that seems to go well with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 experience, coming close in my opinion to "The Robot versus the Aztec Mummy" and "Invasion of the Neptune Men". The movie and the episode themselves are amiable, too: the movie, while of course not amazing, isn't quite as thoughtless (nor the episode quite as cutting) as some.

Part of a crew of perfectly human aliens (which helps inspire a "riff" or two about how some of the "teenagers" look awfully old) in ordinary coveralls with chevrons on them (which leads to a funny but odd closing host segment), the sensitive alien "Derek" arrives on Earth to test its suitability for raising "gargons." Derek rebels against this callousness, expounding with a lack of contractions on the equal lack of families on his home planet, then flees to be chased by the alien "Thor." He finds shelter (and a snappy change of clothes) in the home of the really pretty cute Betty Morgan and her grandfather, only to have to face Thor, who's turning people into wired display skeletons with his "focusing disintegrator" zap gun, and the gargon itself, which is a lobster alternately poorly matted in or possibly just held up in front of the camera lens. There's also an alien fleet hovering just off screen (but mentioned in the dialogue), from which we learn that Derek's parentage has indeed been recorded as he's the son of his planet's dictatorial leader. The riffing of all of this may not contain as many memorable one-liners as some episodes, but it does help the ridiculousness flow that much more smoothly without attacking it. However, it seems at times to me that to fit the movie into the show's running time, there were cuts in the action when it came to commercial breaks, to be made up for from the film's dialogue itself.
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