Keith Palmer (krpalmer) wrote,
Keith Palmer

MST3K 801: Revenge of the Creature

It took me a little while to move on to the first episode of the eighth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but then there was a gap between seasons in real life too, as the show moved to the Sci-Fi Channel. With the move, the show started into a whole new era, one that endured in reruns for a good time after it was cancelled and one that some people may remember better than the previous Comedy Central seasons. With all the changes to the frame, though, the core of the show continued on from what had come before.

At the end of the last Comedy Central episode, "Laserblast," the Satellite of Love was flung out to the edge of the universe where our heroes turned into "pure energy" and floated away. With a new season under way, they were drawn back against their will to discover that Crow got bored with the experience and returned early (now operated by the new writer Bill Corbett) to redecorate the Satellite of Love (the lighting is even more atmospheric, but the "found objects" that litter the walls are much more organised, including pride of place for the two halves of a toy Millennium Falcon and a Darth Vader action figure case). The year is 2525, and the Earth is controlled by intelligent apes (introducing with many "Planet of the Apes" jokes Professor Bobo, who became one of Pearl Forrester's minions). Even so, our heroes are still being sent cheesy movies.

When I wrote my first MSTing, I set it early in the eighth season. The general era had been suggested by the editor of what was supposed to be a group MSTing (before he and everyone else dropped out), but I chose the specific time period and produced a frame from it because I had the slight feeling that the show somehow had to "feel its way back" after its hiatus, and that would somehow help excuse my rookie "riffs..." When I actually got to see the early episodes of the eighth season, I realised that wasn't quite true. Following "Night of the Blood Beast" more closely than normal, I did happen to notice a lot of "dumb blonde" riffs being tossed at a female scientist, and in some ways I often compare "Revenge of the Creature" to "The Leech Woman," the episode that followed right after and one that I find particularly funny, but once I got into the episode and over a slight feeling that the movie wasn't quite as entertainingly bad as some of the things shown on the series, I found myself enjoying it. (Perhaps through the corporate connections of the Sci-Fi Channel, the season begins with a whole string of Universal monster pictures from the 1950s, just a cut above the typical run of things.) One thing I noticed was that, as a sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the well-designed Creature or Gill Man appears quite early on in the movie before being captured and taken from the Amazon to civilization to be repeatedly shocked by scientists before going on a brief rampage.

I suppose I'm starting to become conscious that there are only two seasons left to see the first episodes of. Of course, there are plenty of episodes I can pick and choose to rewatch afterwards...
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